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Camp-follower in marching order.jpg
"Last thursday, which was a very stormy day, a large number of British Troops came softly thro the Town via Watertown to Prospect hill, on Friday we heard the Hessians were to make a Procession in the same rout; we thot we should have nothing to do…


Stoking the cannon.jpg
The story of Molly Pitcher has been oft told. Molly was the wife of a Continental soldier whose task during battle was the provide the men with water. Her husband was manning a gun when he was injured. Molly stepped in for her husband and…

British encampment.png
While this is an image of a British camp, there are some similarities to an American camp. Note the presence of women in the lower right corner. American camps after Valley Forge would mimic the command structure of European camps with enlisted…

firecakes image.jpg
A recipe for firecake. Firecake was a staple of continental soldiers during times when food was in short supply. This is a recipe a camp follower might have made for the soldiers.
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